Internet Marketing for Not-for-Profit Organizations - Google for Nonprofits

Denver SEO, Web Design and Development Posted by Fusionbox on March 17, 2011
google grants

If you're a not-for-profit organization fighting for interest and donations on the web, listen up!

Google recently announced the debut of Google for Nonprofits, the goal of which is to help U.S.-based nonprofits reach more donors, improve operations and raise awareness for their cause.

You might have already heard of Google Grants, which give approved nonprofits up to $10,000 per month in free Google AdWords Advertising. Google for nonprofits allows you to apply once for the spectrum of new and old Google nonprofit products.

New offerings include:

"free or discounted Google Apps to cut IT costs and operate more efficiently, and premium features for YouTube and our mapping technologies to raise awareness of your cause. We’ve also developed other online resources such as educational videos, case studies and better ways for you to connect with other nonprofits."
(Source - the Google for Nonprofits Blog)

Check out these resources to get started:
Google Nonprofit Blog

Current Google Grant recipients DO need to apply for Google for Nonprofits (at least as of this writing).

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact the Denver Internet Marketing experts here at Fusionbox - we'd love to help spread your goodwill. Best of luck!

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2 responses to "Internet Marketing for Not-for-Profit Organizations - Google for Nonprofits"

Matt Joswick (5/25/2011 @ 5:43pm)

Google Grants is a great program. Another tip that has worked for me with non-profits (and most all business:) is to get them set up with Google Alerts. Set a few alerts for their own non-profit name, but also other similar or complimentary non-profits in the area or nationally. This not only allows the non-profit to join the conversation when their name comes up on other web pages, but allows them to better understand how other non-profits market themselves online. This may lead to new & creative online approaches they could add to their own promotional efforts (apply PPC goals) & really understand what to keyword phrases to target for more conversions with that new monthly $10,000 worth of Google Adwords they've got!

non-profit marketing help (4/21/2011 @ 2:37pm)

Thank you Google for evening the playing field for us non-profit helpers we plan on taking full advantage of these free resources.

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