Custom web programming for bike fitting software for Boulder-based, Retul.

Denver Web Development – Retul

Fusionbox developed a piece of custom software for Retul to help users customize their bikes for their body with different parts. When Retul wanted to add even more features to this software, they came back to Fusionbox for our expertise in software programming. 

After users have been sized with Retul's measurment equipment, this custom web application reads those measurements and makes suggestions of various bike frames. Each aspect of the bike is entirely customizable by the user, from parts to angles. All changes are represented in real time with an animation, so users can see exactly what their custom bike will look like.

Retul chose Fusionbox for the redesign and dveelopment of their website, as well as both iterations of this cutoms web application. All development and design was done in-house by the Fusionbox team.

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