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Directing The Traffic, A Denver SEO and Usability Guide

Posted by fusionbox on June 14, 2010, 6 p.m.

Rule 1: Make sure your links and keywords properly target your desired users.
Driving traffic to your site is never necessarily a bad thing if you aren't wasting money on it, but the wrong traffic won't convert to the right traffic. Our Denver SEO team focuses on your target market to increase conversion rates while keeping the SEO budget down by not focusing on keywords that don't make sense to your website. No matter how great your website or product/service is, if the user isn't looking for it then they are going to leave. When you have targeted the right traffic, Rule 2 becomes the driving force for the landing page.

Rule 2: The less clicks it takes your users to find what they want, the better.
When users find you through search engines or links from other websites, the ideal landing page is the one that best matches the keyword they found your site on. In this case they learn exactly what they want in their first impression of your company which is essential in keeping their attention and earning their trust. Landing pages aren't always controllable, no matter how much you point search engines to the page you want, it is still possible you rank better for another page including your homepage. Rule 3 helps direct the right target market to the correct landing page quickly.

Rule 3: Have an intuitive navigation and proper calls-to-action.
When users land on your site, it should be easy for them to find what they are looking for either through proper navigation or through well placed calls-to-action. Is your content where your users would expect it to be? Here is a link to using card sorting for information architecture that helps you understand how your users will be browsing your content.

Rule 4: Track results through proper analytics and refine the landing page and navigation accordingly.
The beauty in Internet marketing lies in the face that everything is traceable. This means every aspect of your site can be bettered through analytics, and if the budget allows for it multi-variet testing. Testing everything from different keywords, landing pages, and calls-to-action, etc. can have a huge impact on conversion rate. Constantly improving your strategy will continuously make your website a stronger marketing platform.

These rules are by no means all inclusive, but keeping them in mind will help get your users to where you want them to go. A high conversion rate is the ultimate goal of a website, so stay on top of your Internet marketing efforts and the results will be great.