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Happy Birthday To Us!

Posted by fusionbox on Oct. 16, 2014, 6 p.m.

Today is Fusionbox’s birthday! Our treasured orange box turns 13 this year, but we’re hoping this doesn’t usher in the “awkward teenager” phase of the company.

Fusionbox Guiness.jpg

Fusionbox was born out of a writer-turned-programmer’s mind in 2001, and we’ve been building strong code, designing sleek websites, and helping our clients grow their business online ever since.

We wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on some of the amazing clients we have worked with and our great employees over the years. A lot has changed since we opened our doors, but we’ve always chosen to work with clients we love, and hired experts at the top of their game.

Fusionbox Alexander.jpg Fusionbox Mi Casa.jpg

That is what our office used to look like, before the remodel a few years back. Here we are, hosting some people from Mi Casa Resource Center, one of our non-profit clients we worked with pro bono. 

Fusionbox KidsTek.jpg

More recently, we hosted some students from KidsTek, a K-12 technology and business education program. We showed them the process of designing, building, and marketing a website. 

Fusionbox Coors Field.jpg

Lastly, here are some of the stars who run the show. In our 13 years, Fusionbox has always hired the best talent out there (including the baby. Seriously, she's an integral part of our process, and we pay her handsomly). 

It's been 13 great years since we started, and we're looking forward to many more.