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Posted by Molly


Every project, regardless of industry, requires a lot of decision-making. These decisions are made in meetings, in casual conversations, and in project management tools like Basecamp and Slack. Unfortunately, no matter how diligent you are in your meeting notes or how adament you are that important conversations are communicated in writing, you will inevitably hear the words "I don't remember that" or "That's not how I understood it."

It's not enough to track decisions in a spreadsheet if your stakeholders don't remember approving them. Even if you have it in writing somewhere, it could be buried in an email thread or basecamp conversation with dozens of contributions.



[Enter Memorist™]

Memorist is a decision tracker that creates a complete log of important decisions so you don’t have to dig through meeting notes, project management tools, or your own memory.

Memorist doesn't strive to replace your favorite project management and communication tools. Instead, Memorist provides a specialized add-on to the tools that already work for your team. We built Memorist as a means to turn those spreadsheet rows into actionable requests for approval from your project owner. 

With Memorist, there's no need to endure the painstaking process of reading an entire 100-email-long thread of meandering conversation to find and understand a single decision. Memorist provides a mechanism by which you can not only easily record the final decision, but also make that decision readable, discoverable, and visible to all parties.

Memorist lets you add a decision you've made in a meeting or Slack conversation, assign it to someone for confirmation, and include notes, a due date, tags, and relevant file uploads. Memorist enforces the assignment of a single decision-maker for each decision. Copied users can be added as recipients of updates to that decision, but decisions require just 1 final sign-off to keep your project moving.

Need a decision tracker? Check out our website to explore features and FAQs.

Ready to try it out? Signup is incredibly simple, and we won't ask you for a credit card. Memorist beta is absolutely, completely, 100% free. 

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