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Tracking ROI for SEO

Posted by fusionbox on May 11, 2010, 6 p.m.

A number of Denver SEO agencies will promise you traffic through their services, but not an effective plan to measure and report on your website's goals and conversions. Yes, gaining more traffic is great for a website, but if that traffic doesn't lead to more business, then what is the point? By aligning the goals of your search engine optimization strategy with the goals of your website, we can make a measurable difference to your bottom line.

Our process has always been to sit down with our clients and learn the goals of their website from the start. From there we design and implement a plan to meet those goals while measuring results. Every website has different goals and objectives, so it is important to define the key performance indicators (KPI) from the beginning of the process. Setting up your campaign efficiently from the start is key in the success of maximizing your ROI.

By measuring the ROI on every aspect of an Internet marketing campaign, Fusionbox is able to see what is working, what can work better, and what needs to be removed. Through our analytic tools, we can track KPIs such as traffic, user behavior, goal conversions and cost per lead. With this data, we are able to refine the campaign and come up with new ways to further increase your ROI. Don't waste your time and money guessing about your ROI – get measured results and know exactly what you are getting.

Learn more about our online lead generation services to see how we can put these principles into practice for you.