Posted on March 9, 2008

One of the most effective tools for helping a business convert more of its website users into leads is web analytics.

An essential aspect of the Fusionbox SEO process involves continuously educating our clients on which online metrics can be tracked. More importantly, we recommend ways that this data can be used to make changes that will improve ROI by boosting the all-important bottom line.

We use Google Analytics, but we've designed custom web analytics for many of our search engine optimization (SEO) clients looking for more tailored insight into the metrics that matter to their situation, whether that means user behavior data, sales funnels, or specific pageview sequences.

We can track all of the following metrics:

- How many visitors come to your website
- How many visitors are returning to the site
- How long users are staying on the site interacting with content
- Which pages are most popular
- What content items are most popular
- Where in the world users are coming from
- What keywords they are entering into Google and other search engines to find your site
- What sites are linking to yours
- Sources of traffic that reaches your site
- Where users are exiting your site
- How users are moving through your site
- What type of user (potential client, investor, potential employee) is viewing what content

We Use Analytics Data to Determine:
- How the site is improving in terms of search engine ranking
- What we need to change to attract specific user segents
- How content should be modified and positioned to drive users along navigation paths and sales funnels
- How content should be modified based on its popularity or unpopularity
- How users perceive your brand in the marketplace
- How Online PR can affect user behavior
- Where exactly users are reading, hearing, and searching for you
- What initiatives we need to take in order to attract users in certain parts of the world
- Your brand recognition in the marketplace

If you aren't tracking these things and using this data to your advantage, how do you know that your site is as effective as possible? In truth, you don't. Use website analytics to optimize your site's performance.

Contact Ivy Hastings at Fusionbox to learn more about how web analytics tracks and improves ROI.