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Fusionbox is a software development agency in Denver, Colorado. We've helped companies develop secure, well-architected software since 2002.

We are a small team of talented Python Engineers and UX designers. To say Fusionbox is a builder of software is certainly true. But it’s a small part of the story. Within our code is a unique approach to business:

  • Hire people obsessed with problem-solving
  • Be human to tune in to our clients’ challenges
  • Use technology as a means to solve problems
  • Be the best at that

We've helped organizations large and small not only writing code, but developing their vision for how to get there. Our clients include the Colorado Lottery, FirstBank, Delta Dental, Boston Mutual Insurance and Citywide Banks.

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Fusionbox chooses two charitable organizations each year: one to make a cash donation to, and one to do a probono project for. Recently we've provided development support for:

Habitat for Humanity Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver Outward Bound Denver Foundation El Pomar Foundation Mi Casa El Centro Humanitario

Python Community

Fusionbox sponsors PyCon and DjangoCon every year, Django Girls and Meetup events, we've contributed to the Django core, and we give talks on Python and Django.

Recent Jibbajabba

Understanding MVP

Posted by Molly on Aug. 3, 2018, 10 a.m.

MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is a method of developing software that prioritizes getting a simple version of your product released as soon as possible, gathering feedback, and then iterating on that product based on real-world feedback. This process emphasizes limiting work-in-progress (WIP), continual improvement, and frequent demos of the evolving product. But what does that actually mean for your project?


Understanding Agile

Posted by Molly on June 29, 2018, 10:05 a.m.

If you're looking to start a software development project, you're likely reading a lot about different strategies for planning your project. Since Fusionbox specializes in custom Python development, we've put a lot of thought into how we manage our software projects. Like many developers, we've chosen to use Agile development practices, but what does that really mean for your project? Agile does not abandon documentation or planning, but rather continues those processes throughout development, giving you the most flexibility and control over development of your project, which is especially useful if you’re new to software development.


We love working with creative, innovative people.

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