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Fusionbox is a Python software development agency in Denver, Colorado. We've helped companies develop secure, well-architected software since 2002.

We are a small team of talented Python Engineers and UX designers. To say Fusionbox is a builder of software is certainly true, but it’s a small part of the story. Within our code is a unique approach to business:

  • Hire people obsessed with problem-solving
  • Be human to tune in to our clients’ challenges
  • Use technology as a means to solve problems
  • Be the best at that

We've helped organizations large and small not only writing code, but developing their vision for how to get there. Our clients include the Colorado Lottery, FirstBank, Delta Dental, Boston Mutual Insurance and Citywide Banks.

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“They function as an extension of our team, providing key architectural and design input.”

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Meet Our Team

Ivy Hastings


I’ve been involved in building software since 1998 when I worked on a multi-million dollar project during the first Internet boom. Despite that project going bust, I stuck with it. My favorite thing about what I do is getting to know the people behind the software. This means having empathy and understanding for both client and end user needs. I excel at big picture thinking, so while the rest of the team is executing, I’m thinking about how the project will solve the client’s goals, including how the end product will further business objectives. My experience with branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship helps me understand what makes projects successful.

Will Burroughs

Product Lead

With more than five years of experience designing and building products, my expertise lies in harmonizing intuitive product design with strategic business objectives and customer needs. As a Product Manager with a background in UX Design and Frontend Development, I delve deeply into user research, product strategy, and experience design. This unique blend of skills enables me to empower our team to craft products that are not only intuitive but also technically feasible and aligned with our clients' business goals. My strength is in guiding projects from concept to launch, ensuring every facet of the product contributes to a comprehensive and effective experience. I am committed to developing solutions that solve real problems, driving growth, and enhancing customer satisfaction by leveraging my technical and design expertise.

Justin Stollsteimer

Sr. Designer

After completing my studies in Computer Science in the early ages of the web app industry, I sought a way to combine the methodical science of software engineering with visual design, and voila—a UX designer was born lo those 20 years ago.

I’ve found the most successful designs came from user-focused research, starting with an empathic understanding of both the customer and the client. I’ve helped our clients translate user data into meaningful next steps, replace antiquated pencil-and-paper processes, and create engaging digital experiences. Give me a messy problem and I’ll work with you to create an elegant solution that looks great, too.

Gavin Wahl

Sr. Software Engineer, Director of Security

As a senior software engineer, I participate in the entire process of building an application, including the formulation of proposals and quotes, discovery and analysis of client requirements, implementation, and deployment. I also act as a mentor and technical lead for the rest of the programming team. As Director of Security, I oversee security practices, policies, and training at Fusionbox. I’ve placed in the top 20 in global security competitions, given security talks to Fortune 100 financial institutions, and written Open Source security software.

Nolan Stover

Sr. Software Engineer, Mobile Development

I started my career as a designer and animator, making experimental multimedia websites and games in the pre-mobile-browser days. As standards evolved, so did my understanding of the web and my enthusiasm for all its underlying technologies. As a mobile application developer these days, I love building efficient, reliable software. However, I am still most driven by creating experiences that surprise and delight by being extra thoughtful, intuitive, and fun.

Brian Perrett

Sr. Software Engineer

I've always been passionate about problem solving and puzzles. I initially thought this passion would lead me to work in physics but as I neared the end of my 4th year of college, I became more and more unsure about what opportunities to pursue after graduation. After receiving my B.S. in physics, I worked at an e-commerce company, tasked with building and maintaining an order/inventory management web app. It was a difficult but fulfilling task. Since then, I’ve spent much of my free time learning about technologies surrounding the web and working on my own hobby projects along the way.

Brian Gaudino

Sr. Software Engineer

I come to software development from a decade-long career as a musician and music educator. I learned to code out of curiosity and immediately fell in love with it. I'm always eager to learn more and collaborate with others. I'm drawn to programming for some of the same reasons I appreciate music: creativity, problem-solving, and continuous learning. In addition to programming and music, I also love baseball and play recreationally as time and my aging body will allow.

Courtney Spratford

Software Engineer

I started my career as an environmental scientist and consultant, specializing in Quality Assurance and data analysis. I eventually made a career change to become a software engineer, and I was able to translate my Quality Assurance skills to software design and testing. I love creating test cases using Python, Django, and Selenium and thoroughly testing the products we create for our clients.

Python Community

We are committed to giving back to the python community through our support of Django Girls & Meetup events and our yearly sponsorships of PyCon & DjangoCon. In addition, our team contributes academically via lectures on Python and Django as well as their contributions to the Django core.

Photo collage: The Fusionbox team at a development workshop.

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Fusionbox works exclusively in Python and has deep expertise in security and data modeling.

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