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When we aren't building exceptional software for our own clients, we often design and develop our own products. Many of these products have been spurred by own our needs and much of our code is donated to the Open Source community.


Memorist is a decision tracker that adds visibility to project decisions for better accuracy, project momentum, cost savings, and accountability.

  • Improve accountability by keeping decisions visible for everyone on your team to reference. Notify relevant team members when changes occur so everyone is always in the loop.
  • Record when decisions are approved, track when and why decisions were changed, attach meeting notes to decisions, and link directly to specific decisions.
  • Decisions are searchable, filterable, orderable, and scannable. Tag decisions to organize your project your way.
  • Improve momentum by turning discussions into actionable requests for approval.

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Widgy is a python content management system that empowers marketing people to maintain and extend their sites without having to trouble the IT department.

  • Build pages by dragging and dropping widgets
  • Full versioning — roll back to previous version of a page at any time
  • Review Queue — make sure your content is approved before it goes live
  • Widgets range from simple text or image buckets, to calls-to-action, to dynamic form builders and custom slideshows
  • Custom widgets are easy for developers to build

At its core, Widgy is a heterogeneous tree editor that makes creating and managing complex tree structures easy. Since HTML is nodal in nature, Widgy is naturally suited to building rich web pages. These web pages are formed by dragging and dropping widgets, which themselves can be infinitely nested. Developers love the facility with which custom widgets can be developed.

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