These open-source products are currently available on Github


Widgy is a new python content management system that empowers marketing people to maintain and extend their sites without having to trouble the IT department.


  • Build pages by dragging and dropping widgets
  • Full versioning — roll back to previous version of a page at any time
  • Review Queue — make sure your content is approved before it goes live
  • Built-in SEO-friendliness and tools for SEOs
  • Widgets range from simple text or image buckets, to calls-to-action, to dynamic form builders and custom slideshows
  • Custom widgets are easy for developers to build

At its core, Widgy is a heterogeneous tree editor that makes creating and managing complex tree structures easy. Since HTML is nodal in nature, Widgy is naturally suited to building rich web pages. These web pages are formed by dragging and dropping widgets, which themselves can be infinitely nested. Developers love the facility with which custom widgets can be developed.


Mouseware uses a cryptographically secure random number generator based on your mouse movements to generate secure, memorable passwords. Passwords are generated entirely in the browser, no data is ever sent over the network.


Dinero is a gateway-agnostic payment processing library for Python. It aims to be minimal, pythonic, and highly usable.


Eek is a spider. In use currently by our SEO team, Eek helps them quickly collect metadata, verify links, and learn about the structure of unfamiliar sites.