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Fusionbox specializes in developing new, custom Python software, taking over existing software, providing new maintenance, and new feature development. We are experts in Python and Django with a team of US-based Senior engineers. Below, you will find a small sampling of our projects; we've worked on hundreds over the last 20 years. We like to solve problems of varying complexity in lots of industries.

A Central Portal for Manufacturing Components

Client: Publicly-Traded B2B Organization

Industry: Manufacturing

This client supplies manufacturing components to a variety of industries. We developed a central platform for technicians and customers to manage their components from installation to retirement.

Fusionbox started this engagement with a training bootcamp to teach internal staff how to utilize Django for intranet web application projects. The team proceeded to hire Fusionbox to create a successful prototype and ultimately develop the production application now in use by the client.

“Their product manager was great and kept everything very organized.”


This application allows customers to view a dashboard of equipment in use by their customers, find documentation, order replacement parts, view service history, print QR code labels, and more. Previously, this functionality had been distributed across many separate applications. The development of this application required significant effort in consolidating data sources and integrating with internal APIs to ensure that none of these existing tools were disrupted.

Major Technologies Used

Educational Software to Teach Emotional Skills to Children

Client: Emotional ABCs

Industry: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Education

Emotional ABCs is an evidence-based, interactive program that helps children ages 4-11 understand and manage their emotions. Emotional ABCs came to Fusionbox in 2017 to finish development of their Python/Django product for launch to market.

Since we took over the project, the parent and educator user-base has grown exponentially and the program is now used by teachers and school counselors in more than 200,000 educators in 120 countries. Fusionbox continues major initiatives to grow and extend the product including a rewrite to the React framework in order to optimize it for mobile use.

Our ongoing work has included:

  • New learning modules
  • Ecommerce subscription options for Free Trials, Professional User Accounts, and Classrooms
  • Referral program
  • Purchase Orders
  • Workshops/Curriculum for Educators
  • Support for logging in via QR code
  • Optimizations for remote instruction

We have also completed code review, security improvements, accessibility compliance, A/B testing, reporting, and many other development features.

“We have a business because of Fusionbox.”


Emotional ABCs is a CASEL SELect program (one of only 5 SELect programs chosen in 2022) and has won numerous learning and educational awards including the CoDIE award, Tech&Learning Award, a Common Sense Education “Top Pick for Learning”, and the inaugural Anthem Award for purpose & mission-driven work of people, companies, and organizations worldwide.

“We have a business because of Fusionbox.The amazing project management has been the highlight of our work with Fusionbox.” - Ross Brodie, CEO Emotional ABCs

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Major Technologies Used

A high performance digital home for Colorado's favorite games.

Client: Colorado Lottery

Industry: Gaming & Conservation

Fusionbox is the software development agency of record for the Colorado Lottery. As such, we created all of their digital properties, including their website, mobile applications, and several pieces of software including their vendor interface software.

The Colorado Lottery, a division of the Department of Revenue for the State of Colorado, creates and sells Lottery games of chance that are held to the highest standards of integrity, entertainment, and efficiency to maximize proceeds for the people of Colorado. Over the past 34 years, they have returned $2.9 billion to Colorado for parks, recreation, open space, wildlife projects, and public school construction.

“They've always done a wonderful job of planning and keeping projects on track.”


We also worked to overcome the following technical challenges in developing the complex backend of the site:

  • Encryption and other security controls to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of PII and drawing-related data
  • Data modeling and database design for large dataset
  • ETL data migration from legacy format
  • Fault-tolerance for external API integrations
  • Security consulting for internal processes and technology
  • Concurrency control techniques to ensure the consistency of data being manipulated by many parties at once
  • Auto-scaling fault-tolerant deployment on AWS
  • Screen-reader compatibility, internationalization and 508 compliance
  • Audits for accessibility and usability
  • Real-time user interviews with Lottery players

We also provide hosting for all these properties and we’re proud to say that the Colorado Lottery site was one of the only State Lottery sites that stayed up and running during the $1.6 billion Powerball Jackpot in 2016.

Major Technologies Used

A custom application to create, update, and share digital playbooks.

Client: Paterson Center

Industry: Business/Life Consulting

The organization and presentation of multiple coaching sessions' worth of charts, graphs, tables, and plans can now be easily digitized and shared 400% faster than before.

The Paterson Center guides individuals and teams through detailed LifePlans and StratOps to achieve personal and professional growth. Facilitators spend time speaking with clients and taking detailed notes, which are transcribed into a variety of charts using a local word processor.

“They elevate their thinking beyond the immediate to the long-term strategy.”


Fusionbox developed a custom software that would allow Transcribers to populate each LifePlan or StratOp with charts in any order, and populate them in a more time-efficient manner. We worked closely with Paterson to review the purpose of each chart and redesign them. We also introduced the functionality for digital versions of the plans to be shared as both view-only and editable modes, allowing users to view, share, edit, and print their own plans from their computers, tablets, or phones.

Major Technologies Used

Our mobile web app streamlines manufacturing QA and troubleshooting.

Client: Gallery Carts

Industry: Manufacturing

Gallery Carts manufactures and maintains custom food and beverage carts for a wide variety of vendors. They have a detailed QA process to ensure products are delivered on time and as expected by their customers, but the meticulous details were recorded on paper, which made it less readily accessible to everyone involved in the process.

We developed a custom web application that allows everyone in the QA process to instantly access the status of a given cart with detailed checklists of inspections and other QA steps that need to be completed before delivery. Each cart has its own QR code, which can be scanned to immediately view information about that cart’s history and components of the cart can be reviewed for a more efficient maintenance process. Carts can also be sorted in the application to view the carts present at a specific location.

Major Technologies Used

A software tool that allows users to customize bikes based on their measurements.

Client: Retül (Now Specialized)

Industry: Cycling

Retül is a Boulder-based cycling outfitter that provides technology, tools and training to help cyclists improve performance and comfort on their bikes.

Fusionbox developed a piece of custom software for Retül to help users customize their bikes for their body with different parts. When Retül wanted to add even more features to this software, they came back to Fusionbox for our expertise in software programming.

After users have been sized with Retül's measurement equipment, this custom web application reads those measurements and makes suggestions of various bike frames. Each aspect of the bike is entirely customizable by the user, from parts to angles. All changes are represented in real time with an animation, so users can see exactly what their custom bike will look like.

Retül chose Fusionbox for the redesign and development of their website, as well as both iterations of this custom web application. All development and design was done in-house by the Fusionbox team.

Major Technologies Used

Engaging digital annual reports that'll bring a smile to your face.

Client: Delta Dental

Industry: Healthcare

Since 2016, we have been responsible for creating a fun, dynamic, and engaging annual report that highlights their outreach programs and community service.

Delta Dental of Colorado is a not-for-profit organization and dental insurance provider. We provided Delta Dental with user studies and a user experience workshop series to aid in the redesign of their website. We helped rethink their user flow to enable users to find information quickly, contact the best person to assist them on the first try, and complete forms more effectively. Fusionbox also ensured that their new responsive website supported their shifting brand and accommodated Colorado Marketplace standards.

Major Technologies Used

A Quick Way to Claim Quality Leads

Client: Builtmore

Industry: Contracting

Builtmore’s online platform allows contractors to claim leads for contracting jobs within their specialty.

Fusionbox created a portal that would allow Builtmore to distribute leads to their network of contractors and collect payment for registration and fees. Contractors can sign up, browse leads, and configure notifications for new leads within their specialty. Once a lead is claimed, the contractor gains access to contact information to schedule directly with the customer. Builtmore can post public leads or send invitations to a specific group of users.

Pro-Bono Accessibility Services for a Foster Family Nonprofit

Client: Foster Source

Industry: Nonprofit

Foster Source provides training, resources, and support to foster and kinship parents. In 2021, Fusionbox began a pro bono partnership with Foster Source to provide design and accessibility services.

Fusionbox reviewed heatmaps and other analytics data to improve the organization of the site so users can more easily find what they need. We also conducted an accessibility audit and worked with Foster Source to make the site more accessible to their users, including improved keyboard access, sufficient color contrast, alt tags, and more.

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