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Fusionbox is exclusively a Python web development company. Founded in 2002, we’ve completed 100s of Python and Django web development projects over the past years. Our Denver-based team of senior engineers has a passion for complex projects and a commitment to security.

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Django Development

Fusionbox has been using Django exclusively since 2013. Django is scalable, secure, and as a batteries-included framework, Django offers lightening fast concept-to-software speed. And because it's written in Python, it's a joy to use.


Project Rescue

Have you lost your current developer or need to add resources to your team? Fusionbox can quickly pick up where they left off or add to your existing team.


Staff Augmentation

Add one of our experienced software engineers to your team and see how a fresh set of eyes can spark increased productivity from your engineering staff.


Code Review & Training

Allow our senior engineers to review your code for security audit or software design decisions. Speak with us to provide Python or Django training to your internal developers.



We have experience with complex hosting environments on AWS, Heroku, and Linode. We can do anything from a simple audit to assuming full management for you.


Project Maintenance & Upgrades

Running on an outdated version of Django? We can handle an upgrade for you.



100% US-Based
Our team is entirely located in the U.S., with headquarters in Denver, CO. We do not outsource to any other teams, ever.

Non-Python Devlelopment is Banished!

Python Only
Fusionbox's engineers only work in Python. That means you're getting expert engineers who are highly skilled in Python and have a passion for it.


Senior Engineers
All of our engineers have senior-level experience and extensive knowledge of security concerns, architecture, and DevOps.


Sprint-by-Sprint Engagement
Purchase one sprint to make sure we are the right fit. No long term commitments, minimums or retainers.


Fast Onboarding
Fast onboarding means you have direct access to software engineers who will be writing code in days, not weeks or months.


Fully Agile
Our Agile process is incredibly mature and ensures transparency. You will know exactly who is working on what and when.

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Featured Case Study

A high performance digital home for Colorado's favorite games.

Client: Colorado Lottery

Industry: Gaming & Conservation

Fusionbox is the software development agency of record for the Colorado Lottery. As such, we created all of their digital properties, including their website, mobile applications, and several pieces of software including their vendor interface software.

The Colorado Lottery, a division of the Department of Revenue for the State of Colorado, creates and sells Lottery games of chance that are held to the highest standards of integrity, entertainment, and efficiency to maximize proceeds for the people of Colorado. Over the past 34 years, they have returned $2.9 billion to Colorado for parks, recreation, open space, wildlife projects, and public school construction.

We also worked to overcome the following technical challenges in developing the complex backend of the site:

  • Encryption and other security controls to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of PII and drawing-related data
  • Data modeling and database design for large dataset
  • ETL data migration from legacy format
  • Fault-tolerance for external API integrations
  • Security consulting for internal processes and technology
  • Concurrency control techniques to ensure the consistency of data being manipulated by many parties at once
  • Auto-scaling fault-tolerant deployment on AWS
  • Screen-reader compatibility, internationalization and 508 compliance

We also provide hosting for all these properties and we're proud to say that the Colorado Lottery site was one of the only State Lottery sites that stayed up and running during the $1.6 billion Powerball Jackpot in 2016.

Major Technologies Used

“Their technical chops are unquestioned, and it's clear they pride themselves on being best-in-class technically.”

—Aaron Templer, Three Over Four

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