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We strive to be an educational partner for our clients. Whether you need a one-time training bootcamp for your development team, or you want to become a more informed product owner as you work with us, Fusionbox can help!

Expert Leadership

Fusionbox employs a team of industry experts that strive to provide excellent service and mentorship to our clients, including continual consulting and education of new technology and best practices for UX, software engineering, and product management.

Security Training for Developers

Application security is a concern for both new and well-established products. Building secure applications requires input from experienced developers, and continuing education and mitigation throughout the product lifecycle. Initially, developers must be aware of the common pitfalls like XSS, SQL Injection, and XSRF. But that’s really just the beginning. Beyond reviewing security concepts and best practices, Fusionbox’s security training for developers will review how an attacker might view the application.

Code Audits

Another useful educational and security tool is a code audit. Fusionbox’s application security testing services include a thorough audit of an application’s source code. We do a thorough analysis of the application codebase, searching out any flaws in code that could lead to security vulnerabilities. A standard code audit typically includes searching for:

  • Ways for unauthorized users to access or edit content
  • Deviations from standard best practices
  • Standardized formatting
  • Bugs
  • Common security vulnerabilities, such as:
    • Dangerous string formatting that can lead to XSS
    • Path traversal
    • Unsafe exemptions to secure defaults (CSRF, etc.)
    • Missing or broken access control

After completing the static testing, we’ll examine your application architecture to suss out the potential for mistakes that haven’t even been made yet. When we’ve finished our inspection, we’ll put together a detailed report with findings and recommendations.

Fusionbox University

Fusionbox University” is a series of presentations available to clients that provide education and an opportunity for Q&A on a variety of topics related to software development. These educational events can range from an introduction to the basics of software development to a more in-depth discussion on a specific area of interest, and can be focused on both technical and non-technical audiences. Fusionbox is constantly adding to this series, and clients are welcome to request topics as well. Examples include:

  • Intro to Python
  • Importance of Two-factor Authentication
  • Agile Foundations
  • Intro to HTML/CSS
  • App Analytics Training
  • UX Microinteractions
  • Accessibility Best Practices
  • Ticket Writing 101
  • Common Security Vulnerabilities and Prevention
  • Mobile Application Innovations
  • Tools for QA
  • CRM & Marketing Automation

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