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84% of all attacks happen at the application layer. Most companies spend a great deal of effort securing their networks but know very little about the code running their digital properties. But application vulnerabilities often provide attack vectors that circumvent your network security. They also create risk for your customers.

What's needed is more secure software,
NOT more security software.

--Website Security Statistics Report, White Hat Security

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Application Security Testing

You don't know what you don't know. 91% of companies find out about their compromised server when it attacks another company's network.

Fusionbox performs in depth Software Security audits of your web and mobile applications so you can find out about your risks before your lawyer does.

We use penetration testing frameworks to programmatically probe commonly used attack vectors. But it's our Ethical Hacking that differentiates us. Our security engineers know how to think like hackers and they'll approach your system in the same way an attacker would.

After our initial round of testing, we'll put our Continuous Operations Support in place to keep you protected.

  • Ethical Hacking (both static and dynamic)
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Security Testing

Only 9% of victimized companies discovered data breaches of their own accord.

--Verizon Data Breach Incidence Report

Shields Up

Mitigate Risk with Code Audits (Static Testing)

The other side of our application security testing services involves a thorough audit of your application source code. We do a thorough analysis of the application codebase, searching out any flaws in code that could lead to security vulnerabilites. We can do this independently or collaboratively with your developers. After completing the static testing, we'll examine your application architecture to suss out the potential for mistakes that haven't even been made yet.

When we've finished our inspection, we'll put together a detailed report with findings and recommendations.

  • Source Code Static Testing
  • Security Architecture Analysis
  • Application Security Audit

More than 75% of mobile apps fail basic security tests.


Save Us


In depth remediation is a large effort that happens on many fronts. The attack vectors need to be identified and the gaps closed up. The entire ecosystem must be inspected for damage, including for malware, compromised data, and code manipulation.

It's a costly enterprise, but Fusionbox will help you get through it quickly and make sure it doesn't happen again.

  • Security Remediation Strategy
  • Incidence Response Strategy
  • Code Remediation

See What Attackers See

After performing our tests, we'll sit down with you and show you exactly how a malicious hacker would compromise your system, and we'll provide actionable steps for remediation.



Building secure applications requires a new orientation for developers. The developer must learn about all the common pitfalls like XSS, SQL Injection, XSRF, but beyond that one must become security aware. Really, one must become a hacker.

Fusionbox provides training for developers that includes both an education in security concepts and best practices, but also with how an attacker might view the application. We'll turn your programmers into hackers and you'll be safer for it.

  • Security Training for Developers
  • HIPAA Compliance Consulting
  • PCI Compliance Consulting

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