PostgreSQL Consulting & Data Modeling

There's no such thing as great software without great data behind it.

Whether you're looking to build a new, data-centric application or you're caring for a fragile legacy database that you need help modernizing, Fusionbox has the team for your project. We're certified PostgreSQL experts and have over 15 years of experience in the following:

  • Data Modeling
  • Data Migration (ETL)
  • PostgreSQL Performance Tuning
  • Database Security

Featured Work

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Clell Wade Coaches Directory

Clell Wade Coaches Directory

Software Development and Data Services for the largest and most comprehensive list of interscholastic athletic information in the United States.

  • Designed a temporal data model to track how data changes over time
  • On-the-fly interpretation of unstructured data and conversion to structured format
  • Required a blend of relational and tree structure data models

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Paterson Center


Fusionbox solved a number of complex data problems while developing this sophisticated frontend application.

  • Blended relational and non-relational (document-based) data modeling paradigms
  • Invented a system to enforce data validity in a document storage database
  • Created a Postgres extension to implement JSON schemas as a CHECK constraint

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Fusionbox employs EDB Postgres Certified Developers

We Love Postgres

When we have a choice, we almost always choose to use PostgreSQL. Postgres has useful features that make development faster, keeps your data safer, and it even has ways to detect storage-level data corruption. And of course it's scalable and super performant.

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