PostgreSQL Consulting & Data Modeling

There's no such thing as great software without great data behind it.

Whether you're looking to build a new, data-centric application or you're caring for a fragile legacy database that you need help modernizing, Fusionbox has the team for your project. We're certified PostgreSQL experts and have over 15 years of experience in the following:

  • Data Modeling
  • Data Migration (ETL)
  • PostgreSQL Performance Tuning
  • Database Security

Featured Case Study

A custom application to create, update, and share digital playbooks.

Client: Paterson Center

Industry: Business/Life Consulting

The organization and presentation of multiple coaching sessions' worth of charts, graphs, tables, and plans can now be easily digitized and shared 400% faster than before.

The Paterson Center guides individuals and teams through detailed LifePlans and StratOps to achieve personal and professional growth. Facilitators spend time speaking with clients and taking detailed notes, which are transcribed into a variety of charts using a local word processor.

Fusionbox developed a custom software that would allow Transcribers to populate each LifePlan or StratOp with charts in any order, and populate them in a more time-efficient manner. We worked closely with Paterson to review the purpose of each chart and redesign them. We also introduced the functionality for digital versions of the plans to be shared as both view-only and editable modes, allowing users to view, share, edit, and print their own plans from their computers, tablets, or phones.

Major Technologies Used

Fusionbox employs EDB Postgres Certified Developers

We Love Postgres

When we have a choice, we almost always choose to use PostgreSQL. Postgres has useful features that make development faster, keeps your data safer, and it even has ways to detect storage-level data corruption. And of course it's scalable and super performant.

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