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It doesn't happen by accident. It's not just about theory. And it's more than just making things look pretty. Good UX can only come from caring about software and caring about people. Fusionbox has been shaping online user experiences for the last 20 years. We continue to be passionate about it, and we've learned a whole bunch along the way.

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Goal-Oriented Design

A successful design isn't just a slick interface, but a combination of your users' goals, your business goals, budget constraints, and our expertise.

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User-Driven Decisions

We create software for your users. Then, we watch them use it, take notes, ask questions, and make it better. Real data drives our design decisions.

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Design that Works...

Our designers leverage their understanding of technological limitations and advancements in the industry to build the best product that users can actually use.

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...for Everyone

We design software with accessibility in mind from the start. And here's why that matters.

The Fusionbox Design Process

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to design. Fusionbox adapts its toolset to meet your needs, whether you're starting from scratch, testing new features, or refining an existing product. Each phase of our typical design workflow falls neatly into our sprint model—from a small feature compressed into a single sprint to a complete product design extrapolated over an entire project cycle.



The discovery phase is mainly a conversation and review of known and assumed metrics. It's where Fusionbox will establish its role as designer for your application, and our team will get to know your stakeholders and your users, and how to help them both.


Key Experiences

If you've come to Fusionbox with an existing application, we'll find out what's working and what needs work. If this is a new product, we'll work to understand your users' motivations and pain points to better understand how to solve their problems. We'll create personas to help give weight to your oft-nebulous user groups.


Wireframes & Prototypes

Here's where we'll begin shaping the application in more detail. We'll look at the most important things your users need to do, and how to best get them from A to B. As these key experiences unfold, we'll gain a high-level understanding of the application as a whole. Our senior engineers collaborate with the team to ensure efficient solutions are designed before development begins.


User Testing

Validating our hypotheses at this phase is cost-effective, since usability issues can be addressed without having to re-design or re-engineer a complete application. We'll put real users in front of our wireframes and clickable prototypes to test your assumptions—even for small interactions, then make appropriate adjustments before moving into the next phase.


High-Fidelity Design

Colors, fonts, icons, and animations! Fusionbox infuses the application with your brand during this phase. You'll work with our senior designers to incorporate a branded look & feel, then implement professional polishes on every touch point of the application, from sitewide color palettes to smooth, lively microinteractions.


The Design Process as a Sprint Cycle

As development gets underway, we'll take the design cycle and compress it to fit a typical two-week sprint, applying the same principes to new features, scope changes, and responses to user feedback. Our process ensures the final product evolves visually and functionally along with the teams' frequently shifting requirements.


Post-Launch Planning

As your user base grows, its needs will change, and so will your own organization's metrics for success. Fusionbox conducts regular follow-up testing sessions to ensure your users' needs are continually being met. Our team can be prepared to implement new features, flow adjustments, and UI refreshes—before you know you need them.

Featured Case Study

A custom application to create, update, and share digital playbooks.

Client: Paterson Center

Industry: Business/Life Consulting

The organization and presentation of multiple coaching sessions' worth of charts, graphs, tables, and plans can now be easily digitized and shared 400% faster than before.

The Paterson Center guides individuals and teams through detailed LifePlans and StratOps to achieve personal and professional growth. Facilitators spend time speaking with clients and taking detailed notes, which are transcribed into a variety of charts using a local word processor.

Fusionbox developed a custom software that would allow Transcribers to populate each LifePlan or StratOp with charts in any order, and populate them in a more time-efficient manner. We worked closely with Paterson to review the purpose of each chart and redesign them. We also introduced the functionality for digital versions of the plans to be shared as both view-only and editable modes, allowing users to view, share, edit, and print their own plans from their computers, tablets, or phones.

Major Technologies Used

“They elevate their thinking beyond the immediate to the long-term strategy.”

—Michael Chiarelli, Paterson

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You can't build good software without good UX.

If the user experience doesn't work, you don't have good software. It's that simple. We interview your users, we shadow your employees, we get to know the people who will use the software. Then we make them happy.

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