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Fusionbox uses a variety of tools to monitor application performance and respond to potential issues.

Team members will use forensic techniques, including reviewing system logs, looking for gaps in logs, reviewing intrusion detection logs, and reviewing application code to determine how the incident was caused. Based on findings from this analysis, a plan will be formed for remediation, and a report will be provided to the client.

Development Operations include:

  • Monitoring available updates for the environment and recommending appropriate action when applicable.
  • Maintaining the automation and configuration of servers.
  • Creating and updating environment documentation.
  • Monitoring application performance.
  • Monitoring capacity and resource scaling to ensure site availability.
  • Performing quarterly reviews of costs associated to reduce any unnecessary spending.

Continuous Operations Support

Fusionbox’s Continuous Operations Support provides a hands-free solution for the maintenance and baseline security for digital properties. We use an Agile approach to these DevOps services that allows us to make micro-refinements to the server configurations and security policies in short, continuous iterations. Here are some examples of services that may be included:

  • DNS Management
  • Server configuration and hardening
  • Baseline security management, including:
    • Operating system patches and updates
    • Application-level security patches and updates (Django/Python, etc.)
  • SSL Certificate Management (installation and csr generation only)
  • Database backups and backup management
  • Load and Penetration Testing
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Application error monitoring
  • Automation tool updates
  • Code promotion utilities for launching new features safely
  • Heroku (web and asynchronous task queue dynos)
  • AWS
  • Cloudfront (CDN)
  • S3 (file storage)
  • RDS (Postgres DB)
  • Route 53 (DNS)
  • CloudWatch (application monitoring)
  • Lambda (scheduled tasks)
  • DataDog (application/ environment monitoring & alerting)
  • Solr (search)
  • Redis (cache)

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