Project Rescue

Need a little (or a lot of) help?

Sometimes you need a little help. Or a lot of help. Fusionbox's expert team of Python, UX/UI designers can take over projects within a week, for a short time, or a long time.

Maybe you don’t have an in-house development team anymore, or they’re too busy with other items in your backlog. Maybe you started a proof-of-concept on your own time and need some experts to refine it into an application that can support your needs long-term. Or maybe the team you were using just didn’t work out for one reason or another. In any case, you’re looking for a dedicated and experienced custom software development team and we just might be it!

Can Fusionbox take over my project?

Our Expertise

We have experience with brand new projects, complete rewrites of legacy applications, and everything in between.

We like to read code.
Seriously. Our team of developers will spend some time reviewing your project and compose a list of questions and recommendations for upgrades and optimizations that will make your project more easily completed/maintained.

We like to get things done.
Next, we’ll help you pick a few low-effort high-impact tasks to work on right away. This helps us get to know what it’s like to work on your code, and it helps you get to know what it’s like to work with us!

We like to understand your users.
Whether it’s via surveys, A/B testing, one-on-one interviews, or shadowing your target audience, we love getting to know your users.

We like to talk to you!
Once the developers are up and running, we’ll set realistic expectations for how and when we can meet your project goals using our agile process. We’ll have regular meetings with demos and send quantitative reporting so you understand exactly where your money is going.

We take things personally.
We’re selective about picking team members who get invested in what you do. We’re passionate about solving problems and building software that makes life better.

“Since beginning the partnership, Fusionbox has become an extension of the client’s team.”

—CEO, San Francisco Technical Consulting Company

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