Fusionbox announces Widgy, a new Python/Django Open Source CMS framework


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Denver, CO - April 10, 2014

Widgy Sticker Fusionbox, a Denver-based web design/build firm, has announced the launch of their new open source product, Widgy. Widgy is a heterogenous tree editor, well-suited for use as a content management system (CMS). It is an open source project built on Python/Django.

Fusionbox has been contributing products to the open source community since being founded by Alexander Groth in 2001. Widgy is just the latest in a suite of strong software applications for online businesses and individuals. Fusionbox prides itself on its commitment to the open source software.

Widgy integrates with mezzanine CMS to form a system that is easier to use and has more flexibility than other popular systems. As a tree editor, Widgy couples with mezzanine to create and edit pages as if they were branches on a tree. 

All of our code is entirely open source, which means developers around the world are able to view, edit, and add to the code to make it better. To see how coders are always improving Widgy, visit https://github.com/fusionbox/django-widgy

This CMS is not just an HTML editor. We believe that Widgy’s easy and intuitive drag-and-drop interface will appeal to non-technical website owners who want to take control and edit their content. Widgy allows site owners to quickly create new pages and forms as well as effortlessly reposition widgets on a page. Widgy also supports the creation of new, custom widgets.

Fusionbox will be premiering Widgy and offering demonstrations at PyCon 2014 in Montreal. For more information about widgy, visit https://wid.gy/

About Fusionbox: Fusionbox, a Denver custom Python development firm, has helped companies create brand awareness, increase sales, and improve user experience through their digital solutions since 2001. Fusionbox is a full-service Internet marketing, user experience design, and web development company that is focused on increasing search engine visibility, and effectiveness of client sites to maximize ROI. For more information visit www.fusionbox.com.

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