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There was discussion in the office about how to protect your online accounts using sensitive passwords that not even you can remember. Some security advocates say an unintelligible, hard to remember password is the only way to be secure, but it turns out that an easy-to-remember phrase can actually be even stronger. But how can you generate such a password?  No need to wonder... Fusionbox brings you Mouseware Password Generator.

Mouseware generates passphrases using a cryptographically secure random number generator based on mouse movements. Mouseware is a play on Diceware, a similar style password generator, but we use the mouse to generate entropy instead of dice. We also put an emphasis on easy memorization. We have placed options on this tool to be able to include numbers, symbols, and to make things more interesting - dirty words.

In order to generate a secure password entirely in the browser, without sending any private data over the network, we harvest unpredictable data from your mouse movements.  These data are processed by a cryptographic hash function in order to create truly random numbers. To generate something that sounds like a sentence, we have lists of adjectives, nouns, and verbs to randomly pick words from. We then report an 'entropy' value for your password.  This is a measure of how hard it is to guess. The default settings generate a password with about 49 bits of entropy - if guessing one password takes one millisecond, you could expect an attacker to spend 12,000 years guessing!

So next time you are looking to be password protected and pick a highly memorable passphrase, use Fusionbox's Mouseware. If you already have your set-in-stone password you are never going to change, use it anyway, you may find yourself being unproductive for five to ten minutes enjoying this password generator.

“tender litter demonstrated faithful pen”

Use Mouseware here: https://www.mouseware.org/

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