Fusionbox's django-authtools Cited in a Book


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As a service to the community at large, Fusionbox regularly contributes code to the open source community. We actively release Python and Django projects on our GitHub account. This includes the CMS framework we created, Widgy. Recently, a Fusionbox developer noticed that  one of our Django development projects had been cited in a book.

Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.8 from Two Scoops Press contains tips to help with Django projects. Chapter 20 of the book—Dealing with the User Model—references Fusionbox’s GitHub account and our django-authtools project.

The django-authtools project is, according to the GitHub page:

“A custom user model app for Django 1.5+ that features email as username and other things. It tries to stay true to the built-in user model for the most part.

“The main differences between authtools's User and django.contrib.auth's are email as username and class-based auth views.”

The Two Scoops book calls django-authtools, “a library that makes defining custom user models easier.”

Fusionbox is happy to see that our library was included in this book. We will strive to continue creating quality  Django web development projects for our clients and for the open source community.

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