Git: A Story


Posted by paula


I’m not a programmer, but I do use the basic commands of Git, a version control system for tracking code when I make small changes to a site.  In the midst of a git command, I realized how mundane these commands could be as I’m typing them in.  It’s always:  

git status » git add » git commit » git push » stage
... switch branches » git pull » git diff » git merge » git push » deploy

Then, I related it to life.

This is what people are doing.  They’re always ‘git status-ing’ and re-evaluating their lives, hoping to ‘add’ something of value to it.  Once the value is added, whether it be a person, passion, or mission, they’ll want to commit to it. During this commitment, there will be all sorts of trials and tribulations, ‘pushes’ and ‘pulls’.  In the end, it’s our own show.  We own our own stage.  

So, when you’re writing code or typing in commands, how relatable are these commands to your own life?

GIT STATUS Comic Fusion Box.png

Concept by Paula Lee, QA of Fusionbox.  Illustrated by the local artist, Fly Okay.

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