Our Non-Programmers are Learning to Code, and Here's Why


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Fusionbox programmers are versatile, meaning we can write code in all sorts of different languages for all sorts of different purposes and environments. Our favorite language, however, is Python.
Python3-powered hello-world
Python is strong and elegantly beautiful. It is easy to learn and flexible enough for many uses. In fact, we love Python so much that we even want our non-programmers to learn how to write code.
Recently, three Fusionboxers outside of the development team signed up for an introductory Python class offered through Coursera, a MOOC database. The class comes from the University of Michigan, and it provides students with a basic understanding of the Python language.
But why would a project manager, marketer, and office manager want to learn Python or benefit from learning it?
Fusionbox has always valued education (even and especially education outside a typical classroom). We started Fusionbox University, an internal education program, to encourage communication and collaboration between departments. We want each member of the team to become experts in their own craft, but we also want them to learn about other crafts.
We want our developers to know about design, our designers to know about marketing, our marketers to know about programming and QA, etc. Even outside of the business, we pride ourselves on being continual students of various disciplines like physics, cognitive science, philosophy, architecture, and psychology.
Our value on education also carries over into our relationship with clients, as we always work collaboratively with them, educating them on web design principles, SEO best practices, programming capabilities, and more. We don’t think of our services as trade secrets that need to be kept under cover.
If you’re interested in hearing about our collaborative, educational processes for UX design or Agile Project Management, or even if you just want to wish us luck learning Python, contact us.

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