PyCon 2015 talks you should watch


Posted by gavin

The Fusionbox Python development team attended PyCon 2015 in Montreal this year. Fusionbox was even a sponsor of the event. Check out some of the talks we really enjoyed. 

Raymond Hettinger - Beyond PEP 8 -- Best practices for beautiful intelligible code

Raymond Hettinger talks about how a shallow interpretation of PEP8 can hurt
your code and how much more there is to making code beautiful. I especially
liked how he talked about removing redundant comments. He also gives an example
of a Java-inspired API and how it can be made pythonic and beautiful.

Ryan Kelly - PyPy.js: What? How? Why?

PyPy.js is closer than you think to running a native

python environment on the web.

Josh Triplett - Porting Python to run without an OS

Josh uses the grub standard library to run CPython without an operating system.

He even uses the EFI Graphics Output Protocol to get a graphical environment.

Watch for the surprise at the end!

Raymond Hettinger - Super considered super!

A great advocation for cooperative multiple inheritance using Python's MRO. Take the examples with a grain of salt though -- they might suggest that inheritance is the only method of code reuse. The same material is covered in a blog post.

Dan Callahan - My Python's a little Rust-y

Dan shows us how Rust can be used to write memory-safe CPython extensions.

Dan Callahan - Fire your supervisord: running Python apps on CoreOS

A demo of cluster management with CoreOS.

Gary Bernhardt - Keynote

How examining hidden beliefs can help us make better decisions. Uses static typing as an example.

Ned Batchelder - Facts and Myths about Python names and values

A nice refresher about how Python names work. Even if you're familiar with this already, it's nice to hear it restated so you can cement your knowledge.

Dan Crosta - Good Test, Bad Test

Not all tests are helpful. Chasing coverage can make your project harder to maintain and give you a false sense of security.

Andrew Godwin - What can programmers learn from pilots?

Can software learn from commercial aviation's track record of safety?

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