Fusionbox understands that the point of SEO is to increase sales, not just rankings. Our Denver SEO specialists focus on techniques that affect the bottom line.

Since 2002, we've taken a user-centered approach to our SEO. You probably found us through a search, and there's a reason; we take our own medicine when it comes to SEO.

We believe that SEO is all about creating value to the user. This means Google favors:

Authority - Have you been around for awhile? Are you an authority on your subject? Do you provide what users are looking for?

Relevancy - Does your site contain content that is relevant to the user's search? Do you have well-researched, well-written content?

Quality - Does your site load quickly? Is the navigation easy to follow? Is your site compatible with tablets and mobile?

Your user experience is tied very closely to your search engine ranking. If users are not clicking on your results, or visiting and not engaging, your rank will suffer. Our Denver SEO team takes a holistic approach to SEO that looks at the entire ecosystem of your site including design, content, code, inbound links and social signals.

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