making people happy online since 2002

We're interested in understanding people. We're curious about how they act, how they think, what makes them nervous or frustrated or calm.

And we don't just watch them, we listen. And we read — a lot. Identifying what we can learn from Architecture, Philosophy, Cognitive Science, even Biology. And we apply that learning in our passionate pursuit of UX.

The interfaces we develop are purpose-driven. And comforting. And pattern-forming.

It doesn't happen by accident. It's not about getting lucky. And it's not just aesthetically pleasing (though it must be that too). Good UX can only come from caring about people. And caring about experience. And caring about software.

Fusionbox has been shaping online user experiences for the last 12 years. We continue to be passionate about it, and we've learned a whole bunch along the way.

We've formalized this thinking into a UX design process. We call it SOUP. Try a spoonful; it's super delicious.