We use an open-source Python CMS called Widgy. It an awesome content management system that makes custom, SEO-friendly web sites.

Our clients understand how imperative it is to keep content fresh on their websites. NEW CONTENT = REPEAT CUSTOMERS, and it is also a key element in retaining higher organic search engine ranking.

That's why Fusionbox creates custom content management solutions for each of our clients. A content management system (CMS) allows you to add, edit, and delete text, images, and even video on your site without having to know a lick of HTML. Content Management Tools allow you to:

  • Create a Company Blog
  • Create a new form on your site
  • Rotate Featured Products in Storefronts
  • Post and Manage Interactive Content (Videos, Photos, Podcasts, and more)
  • Add a poll to your site
  • Add or Delete Products for Inventory Management
  • Add Services

Widgy has a drag-and-drop interface with tons of built-in widgets, page versioning, page history, and review queue. It's also easy to build custom widgets for specific needs.


For clients watching their budget, we also offer Wordpress solutions. Wordpress is easy to use and does simple content management well. We do not recommend Wordpress for projects that involve custom programming.

Start publishing critical site content today! Contact Fusionbox for more information.