Simple is better than complex.
Complex is better than complicated.

Python is a great choice for all businesses. It has stellar performance, mature libraries, a commitment to security, and a passionate community of exceptional developers.

Embracing convention over whimsy, Pythonic code is characterized by readability, both visually as well as by virtue of its philosophy of idiomatic design. In Python development, "There should be one—and preferably only one—obvious way to do it". This adherence to style makes for exceptionally maintainable code, which translates into happy developers and real savings.
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Custom Bike Fitting Software

Retul's proprietary bike-fitting machines needed a web-based bike configurator. The bike fitting machines send data to the web application (Frame Finder), which uses the data to draw the ideal bike for the rider. Frame Finder then allows the rider to visualize varying sizes of frames and adjustability ranges of parts to select the best combination for optimal fit.

Fusionbox has worked with Retul over several phases. The newest version allows cyclists to virtually "try on" over 200 bike models and 1,000s of components and then shop for the chosen bike parts through an e-commerce system.

Python/Django DevelopmentUI/UXWorkflows

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Lighthouse Solar

Enterprise Software

Lighthouse solar is a franchisor of solar installation service companies. Fusionbox built a custom eCRM, a complex proposal generator and added tracking and reporting of franchisee activities.

Python/Django DevelopmentSecurity consultingData architectureUI/UX

Advisorbox Exchange

Buy, Sell or Merge Financial Practices

Advisorbox offers a confidential exchange where financial advisory firms can connect to buy, sell or merge their practices. Advisors have access to a searchable database of available opportunities and can create listings that showcase themselves as interested buyers, sellers, or merger candidates.

Python/Django Software DevelopmentUsability TestingUX/UI


We Love Django

The Django web framework scales well and provides a batteries-included experience, with a comprehensive set of tools and utilties both in-framework and from the community. Django stays out of your way when you don't need it, but offers real support for serious software development when you do.

We are fanatical about Django and we've created many important libraries, some of which have been adopted into the Django core.

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Leading Supporters of the Python Community

Fusionbox is a perennial sponsor of both PyCon and DjangoCon. We're big proponents of the open source community and we support Python projects though both cash donations as well as daily contributions to the Python open source community. Fusionbox has also released a number of standalone python libraries:

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Adolfson Peterson Construction
Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver
Colorado Lottery
Colorado School of Mines
Habitat for Humanity
National Geographic
Stanford University
Superior Energy
Tulane University

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