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5 Internet Marketing Guidelines for Successful PPC Landing Pages. What Should You Be Looking At?

Posted by fusionbox on July 31, 2011, 6 p.m.

If you're not doing Pay-Per-Click online advertising, you are missing out on a whole lot of business that could otherwise be keeping you very busy. But running a PPC account itself – such as Google AdWords or Microsoft adCenter - isn't enough. There is a rather important piece to the puzzle that sometimes advertisers don't pay enough attention to – landing pages.

A landing page is a page that a user is directed to when they click on your online paid advertisement – so they need to be, quite frankly, fantastic – if you want them to get you business.

Are you wondering how to make them fantastic? Well, for starters you need excellent designers. After that you need great content. You can and should have different landing pages for different Campaigns, AdGroups, advertising copy and even keywords. But they all need to look attractive and deliver on the promise you made in your ad without asking for too much in return.

Here's a list of elements that make a fabulous landing page:

  1. Call To Action Buttons: The importance of this element cannot be stressed enough. This is what paves the path to leads and conversions. It needs to be bold, beautiful and compelling. The placement is key as well – if the user has to go around figuring out what you want him to do, he's less likely to become a customer.
  2. Minimal Navigation: Keep it simple. The goodies you promised in your ad should be very visible. The user should not have to undergo numerous clicks to find them.
  3. PPC Keywords on the Landing Page: This ties into what you've promised in your ad, and is where you deliver it. Keywords help define your core capabilities and that's why the user is on your landing page. This is a way to gently remind them that your business is still worth their time. Added bonus - this tactic can decrease your PPC costs.
  4. Testimonials: Someone vouching for you makes the conversion process a lot easier. Testimonials mean someone has tested you on what you claim you can do, and is happy with the results. That generates trust, and trust is what gives you those leads.
  5. Social Sharing: Give your users the power to spread the word about you. Enable social sharing buttons on your landing page.

And here's a bonus. This last point applies to each of the previous suggestions... so I guess it's 5 bonuses!:

Patience: Bare in mind that these are just guidelines for a great starting point. The real magic happens with testing! If you are currently running an AdWords Account, it is best to implement these marketing strategies one step at a time. If you try to do too many things at once it will be very difficult to determine which factor is driving your online marketing success.

So now you have the lowdown on landing pages. But don't forget, you need a robust PPC campaign before the landing pages come into play.

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