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5 Ways Nostalgic Brands Have an Edge in Social Media

Posted by fusionbox on Feb. 22, 2012, 5 p.m.

Nostalgia lends itself naturally to the things we talk about (stories we pass down from family member to family member) and the mementos we surround ourselves with (pictures, scrapbooks). These things tie nicely into social media, because we share those experiences through it.

Life's about friends and family being together, coming together, or thinking about each other when they have to be apart. Social media allows us to bridge those gaps - even when it's not Thanksgiving, we can still feel connected.

Brands, as in all other avenues, should take advantage of their best attributes in social media settings (especially the social ones like nostalgia), and the web as a whole.

  1. Facebook's timeline feature encourages users to share their childhood. Nostalgic brands can participate by having users share their classic pictures of themselves and their family, and tagging the brand in them. Offer prizes or coupons to incentivize sharing.
  2. Services like Scrapbook.com allow users to share their projects in addition to buying their scrapbooking supplies. Consider sponsoring a layout, or a contest for users to create scrapbook pages for your brand.
  3. Media sharing sites like Get Glue allow users to "check in" to the media they consume like movies, music and books. Take advantage of key tie-ins for your brand.
  4. 4. E-cards & gift baskets allow one-to-one communication among friends and family members, and layouts on sites like SomeECards.com could be what is shared, thereby sharing your brand.
  5. Utilize holidays for sharing messages of hope and love on social networks - give away gift baskets and money to charities for those that share such a message with a friend on your Facebook wall or Twitter account.

Really, the possibilities are endless, so don't feel constrained to Facebook or Twitter to reach your audience. Your customers are out there on the web, using different platforms and services to share among themselves. People want to feel connected in this digital world; simply tying together the urge and the platform could bring your brand much closer to our hearts.

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