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Community Development and Charitable Giving at Fusionbox

Posted by brad on Jan. 12, 2017, 4:30 p.m.

Well, it’s happened once again: holiday season has come and gone. Vestiges of the season will be with us for a while yet, as leftover eggnog sits forgotten in the back of refrigerators, twinkling lights linger on far too many roofs for far too long, and wreaths and trees evolve into dry and drab eyesores. Yes, it is true that some holiday traditions overstay their welcome, but we hope at least one holiday season tradition will stay with us long into this new year: the tradition of increased support for charities and nonprofit organizations.

At Fusionbox we understand the importance of charitable giving, community development, and volunteerism. We demonstrate this understanding in a few important ways. Each year we vote as a company on the nonprofit organization we believe we should donate to; our choice in 2016 was the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Our devotion to the idea of community engagement and development is shown through our commitment to providing pro bono and reduced rate work to Denver-based nonprofits. Finally, we utilize our office space and other resources in order to promote volunteerism, mostly by sharing our knowledge and expertise by teaching classes to the community.

The list of nonprofit organizations to which we have chosen to provide pro bono and reduced rate work is long, so I will not describe each of them in detail, but I will highlight a few of those organizations and describe some of the work we did for them.

The Denver Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “inspire people and mobilize resources” to strengthen the Denver community. One project of theirs, the Floodlight story builder, provides a tool for nonprofits to easily build and share their success stories with those interested. Fusionbox engineers and UX designers to this day provide reduced rate services to extend and improve the Floodlight project.

Fusionbox also provides nonprofits with both pro bono and reduced rate full website rebuilds and redesigns. Mi Casa is a Denver organization whose mission is to “advance the economic successes of families with limited opportunities,” and does so by providing families with centers meant to provide them with resources to improve their economic and educational situations. We provided Mi Casa with a redesigned website and a CMS free of charge; moreover, Fusionbox’s Vice President of Strategy Ivy Hastings volunteered for eight years teaching Mi Casa’s new business incubator students how to plan and build a website.

The tradition of volunteerism at Fusionbox does not stop there, though. Django Girls is a nonprofit dedicated to teaching women how to code using a day-long workshop of their designing. As their name suggests, the workshop covers the basics of Django, a software tool we here at Fusionbox use every day. For the past two years, we have hosted the only Denver-based Django Girls workshop event in our offices; most of the software developers here at Fusionbox have also volunteered as coaches for the workshop.

Businesses play an important role in shaping the communities in which they provide services. Fusionbox strives to provide resources to make sure the way in which we shape our community is positively. We hope to continue doing so well into the future.