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A Quick Recap of Fusionbox's Pycon 2013 Experience

Posted by fusionbox on April 9, 2013, 6 p.m.

As you may have read in our previous blog, Fusionbox’s Denver web development team attended PyCon this year! Here’s a quick recap about our very first experience at the conference and as a gold sponsor of the event. But first, let’s start off with our Fusionbox ad in the Pycon program:

(Image above: That’s so Justin. He’s one of our web designers!)

rasberry pi (Image right: One of our favorite free items that were given away from the conference was a raspberry pi.)

Our nerd herd fittingly left to Santa Clara, CA on Pi Day (Thursday March 14, 2013). From all of the great talks, meeting new people of similar interest, networking with the various techy software organizations we look up to & the free countless stickers, t-shirts, & random paraphernalia, here’s what a few of our web development team had to say about their favorite part of their 2013 PyCon experience:

“Being at PyCon sparked a bit of self inventory and I was surprised at how many new things I've not only learned, but become quite proficient at. Seeing all the big name developers helped me realize there is no magic involved. They've just worked hard to create something they are proud of, which inspires me to keep working to create things I'm proud of.”

-Aaron Merriam, Fusionbox Developer: Professional Problem Solver


“The thing that I enjoyed the most about PyCon was the overall vibe. Looking around, you got the impression that the Python community is really strong and there's a diverse, interesting crowd of people using the language. Also, there was a lot of camaraderie between people. Of course, there was a bit of bike shedding, but I was really pleased at how rare it was.

Furthermore, I enjoyed seeing the people that are actually responsible for building the technologies we use. When you meet them or see them in real life, you realize that they're not gods. Granted, they're incredibly bright, but they're just people -- and we can aspire to join their ranks. That was really motivating.

There were many other things that I liked about being there, but I'll mention just one more. I liked the talks that covered topics that weren't immediately related to web development. There was a young professor from Michigan State University named Titus Brown who gave a talk about big data algorithms. He was using these algorithms (which were mostly written using C++) to analyze DNA sequences. He was doing this in order to track the mutations caused by diseases such as cancer in the hopes of finding better treatments.

What was so cool about this is that I had gone to the talk expecting to hear about the latest techniques that Google is using to try and figure out what we like based on our search and web browsing activity. What Dr. Brown ended up talking about was something completely different and much more altruistic. It really challenged my ideas about what can be done with computers and the role that they ought to play in society.”

-David Sanders, Fusionbox Developer: The Perfectionist


“It was lots of fun to go and see in real life the people behind the great libraries and frameworks that we use everyday. I liked just going to the talks and also the great camaraderie that we have between the developers.”

-Rocky Meza, Fusionbox Developer: Language Expert


Fusionbox Developers on Google bikes In addition to our programmers jamming their brains with countless information from the conference, they also explored some parts of California including paying a visit to the Google Headquarters! 

They, well, you know...just found some Google bikes laying around, and took them for a spin!

(Image left: from left to right, Fusionbox programmers: Rocky Meza, David Sanders, Aaron Merriam, Gavin Wahl)

While we are happy to be back in Denver, we’re already excited about Pycon 2014 in Canada!