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A Quick Recap of Fusionbox's PyCon 2014 Experience

Posted by fusionbox on May 1, 2014, 6 p.m.

PyCon, the largest PyCon conference was held in beautiful Montreal, Canada this year from April 11th - April 13th. Three of Fusionbox’s Denver web development team attended the conference.

PyCon coincided with the official launch of our heterogeneous tree editor, Widgy, also known as our Python/Django open-source content management system (CMS) framework. Our PyCon booth focused on offering demos of the framework. Click here to read the press release of Widgy’s official launch or visit www.wid.gy to learn more and demo the system! 

Here’s a quick snippet of what Rocky, one of our primary widgy programmers had to say about promoting widgy at the conference:

“Our main focus at PyCon this year was to introduce our baby widgy to the world. It was so exciting to see our widgy banner hanging in the keynote room and to have a widgy table at the expo. We've been working on this iteration of widgy for more than a year and on the concept of widgy for much longer than that and it was really great to see it finally out there where everybody can see it. Overall, I feel that the reaction to widgy was really positive. I had some good, long conversations with really interesting people that seem to want to try out widgy. This is the most exciting aspect for me, because some of them want to do the things with widgy that we've always wanted to do, but haven't had a chance to do yet and then some of them are already coming up with ideas for things that we could have never considered. This is exactly why I wanted to open source widgy in the first place and this shows that all that hard work we put into it (not to mention flying halfway across the world to come talk about widgy) can help others in the Django and Python communities. That was the thing I enjoyed most about PyCon this year.”

Let us know what you think about Widgy!

fusionbox pycon boothProgrammers Gavin and Rocky with President of Fusionbox, Alexander at the Fusionbox booth.


pycon banner

Check out our Widgy banner!