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Bonfils Blood Center Party at Fusionbox

Posted by fusionbox on Jan. 10, 2012, 5 p.m.

Today at Fusionbox, Bonfils Blood Center dropped by to register and get mouth swab samples for their Colorado Marrow Donor Program.

What is the Colorado Marrow Donor Program?

Each year, 10,000 people are diagnosed with life-threatening blood diseases. The Be The Match Registry matches someone to a marrow or stem cell donor to make their transplant possible.

Steps of Donation

Step 1 is as simple as a mouth swab. If they find a patient that matches your blood type, they contact you about a potential donation; no commitment up front. Then in process of getting ready to donate, the donor will proceed with an information session and a physical exam to make sure it is safe for both the patient and the donor.

Step 2 is donating peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) or marrow in which the patient's doctor chooses the donation that best fits the patient.

Step 3 is recovery and following up. Recovery times vary, but typically most donors are able to return to every day life within one to seven days.

With the help of donors, more than 30,000 people with life-threatening diseases have received transplants. Learn more today. Fusionbox did