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Build Your Brand with Good SEO

Posted by fusionbox on Nov. 11, 2012, 5 p.m.

If you've ever thought to yourself, “How could SEO possibly help get my company noticed?” you need to keep reading. When implemented properly, search engine optimization can be your best friend. Not only does SEO help the search engines index your website, but it also helps your target market find you, which helps increase lead generation and sales.

People go online to search for information and the Internet is a place where advertising is, for the most part, welcomed. Ensuring that your website is optimized correctly and with relevant keywords is not only good for building business but great for showcasing the personality of your company and meeting the needs of your target market.

The first thing you need to think about when implementing any good SEO strategy is: who is your target market? Are you a credit union targeting young adults who are looking to start a retirement savings account? Or are you a new restaurant that caters to the vegetarians in town? Once you decide who your target market is, it's time to start thinking about keywords that you'd like to rank for in search queries.

Specific keywords that are relevant to your business help build your brand when people search for those terms. But be careful here. You'll need to find some common ground between keywords that are too specific and those that are too broad. You probably won't rank for “restaurant” because there are a million different results that will come up. By the same token, you also wouldn't want to rank for something like “vegetarian restaurant that only uses BPA-free plastic cups” because that is far too specific a term and the chances of being searched are pretty small. If a high number of users are searching for, “vegetarian restaurant in Denver,” and your website is the first thing they see in their search results, it's likely that users will click on your link. Remember that the goal of search engines is to provide the best user experience, so if more and more successful interactions occur with your website, the higher your site will rank over time. Good interactions beget more interactions, and good reputation helps your brand both online and offline.

Content is also an important tool to use when implementing your new SEO strategy. While your content should be written in a way that allows the search engines to display your site in a search, this is where you can show off your company's personality. You have the freedom to give information about your product or service in a way that your users can relate to, thus creating another reason for them to want to do business with you.

If you're interested in learning more about using SEO to build your brand, contact Fusionbox, a Denver SEO company. We'll help you develop a strategy that will build a strong online presence and get you more business.