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Building Trust With Search Engines

Posted by fusionbox on May 2, 2010, 6 p.m.

First of all, the longer you know someone the more you start to trust them, unless they have done something to hinder that trust. Just the same, the longer your site has been around the more the search engines will trust you. Just like in everyday relationships, if you do lose the trust of a search engine it is nearly impossible to earn it back. This is why if you do try to trick the search engines to get ranked higher faster, in the end it will come back and bite you.

Another important factor is if you trust that this acquaintance knows what they are talking about. When you are trying to rank a page for a certain keyword, having that keyword in the SEO meta data and title shows the search engines that your page is relevant to that topic. Having content that coincides with your meta data reinforces to the search engines that you do indeed know about this topic.

Having someone you trust refer someone to you increases the chance that you will trust them. An essential part of the search engine formula is “link juice” which essentially other pages saying that your site is an authority on the topic. Having links that match your keywords is essential for passing the link juice that will help you rank for that keyword. These links are saying “I trust so and so about this topic, so should you” to the search engines. The more trust that the page linking to your page has with the search engines, the more the link juice that gets passed along.

This is not everything that goes into a search engine's formula, and is a rather simple representation, but hopefully it helps our Denver clients understand a little bit more about SEO.

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