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Celebrating International Women's Day

Posted by fusionbox on March 7, 2012, 5 p.m.

Today (March 8, 2012) is International Women's Day, as celebrated in 176 countries worldwide. IWD is a day where women everywhere “connect to celebrate and honor women past, present and future.” Learn more about the story behind International Women's Day.

There are many ways to celebrate and give back to women everywhere, including volunteering at or donating to local, national and international charities for women.

Why should you donate time and money to women? A woman multiplies the impact of an investment made in her future by extending benefits to the world around her, creating a better life for her family and building a strong community.

Some Denver charities that focus on women are:

If you are looking to have an effect internationally, you can consider organizations like Kiva for Women, wherein you can contribute to a loan for a recipient and cause of your choice. Microlending like this enables you to make a direct difference in the life of someone of your choosing, even if they seem worlds away. Causes include housing aid, education, work loans and more.

Check out the great guide that LearnVest put together of women's organizations aiding in the prevention of sex trafficking, as well as the enhancement of education, health & empowerment.

Have you volunteered at a women's charity? Share with us where you have donated your time to.

Happy International Women's Day!