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Denver Web Design Agency, Fusionbox, Launches New SecurCare Responsive Site Design!

Posted by fusionbox on March 12, 2013, 6 p.m.

We're pleased to announce the recent launch of SecurCare's new responsive web design for mobile devices. The client wanted a website that would allow their target audience to find information in a user friendly way that was easy to navigate from any mobile device such as smartphones and iPads. We delivered a clean design that allows users to access the same information they would on the normal website, including faceted search and storage unit price comparisons.

If you’re not familiar with responsive design, it is often referred to as the Web 2.0 solution to the need for mobile websites. Instead of a separate domain or a subdomain, the browser recognizes screen size and displays an appropriate version of the main site. By using a fluid grid concept and a scaled-down CSS template, the user sees a streamlined version of the website designed specifically for their device. The user gets a great experience, the site owner gets better actions on their conversion types and all without having to build or maintain two (or more) sites!

With the new responsive design, we expect the user experience to improve and for the client to see new traffic coming to their website. To see the new design, visit www.securcareselfstorage.com from your smartphone or tablet.

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