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Denver Web Development Company Launches New Site for Craters & Freighters

Posted by ivy on Oct. 31, 2011, 6 p.m.

Fusionbox recently launched a new website for Craters & Freighters, a specialty crating, packaging and shipping company headquartered in Golden, Colorado. Craters & Freighters hired Fusionbox to enhance their customer's online experience by improving the website's usability & functionality, and to increase the number of qualified leads from the web.

When building the strategy for the website, Fusionbox researched how people were finding information, and how the navigation could be improved to lead visitors where they needed to go efficiently and effectively. This entailed not only clear organization directing users to their desired location, but photo examples of specialty crating solutions.

A lead generation strategy was equally important in order to improve the quality of leads Craters & Freighters was seeing from their website. Much of this was accomplished by revisiting the site's keyword strategy to mirror the keywords their customers would search for, while ignoring those terms that could bring a large amount of traffic but weren't as qualified.

“Our challenge has always been how to clearly communicate all our service offerings to different market segments all while trying to capture qualified leads. Craters & Freighters offers a variety of services that relate to some very competitive and broad keywords. Fusionbox helped us to narrow down our core services and specialties helping to organize the website's navigation and to focus our keyword strategy,” said Marie Ritchie, Marketing, of Craters and Freighters.

By adding a clear Request a Quote call-to-action on the home and internal pages, Craters & Freighters will not only see an increase in leads, but also address the common customer confusion about which Craters & Freighters location they should be contacting, i.e. the location nearest the item they are having packed, crated or shipped, not the location nearest them.

Our Denver SEO department researched the Craters & Freighters audience and rewrote content and deliverable messages that will be picked up by Google. “The most important part of online lead generation is understanding your audience and what they are looking for, and making it easy for them to get it with you,” said Tory Lynne, Internet Marketing Specialist at Fusionbox, “Focus on the person, and his or her needs & concerns surrounding the problem. Become that solution and you've got a customer.”

We were very happy to partner with Craters & Freighters on their website redesign! If you are looking to redesign your website, consider Fusionbox for successful results, and be sure to check them out at http://www.cratersandfreighters.com/.