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How to Take Advantage of Facebook EdgeRank

Posted by fusionbox on March 11, 2012, 6 p.m.

Ranking... Not Just for Search Engines

Facebook's ranking algorithm, called EdgeRank, will rank your posts on your fans' walls. There are many factors that go into this algorithm.

Is your Facebook Page content valuable enough to show up on your fans' news feed?

What is your relationship with your fan and how do they interact with you? The more a fan comments and interacts, the likelier they are to see your posts.

When you make a status update, consider the following weight distribution as Facebook ranks your posts:

  1. Images and videos hold the highest weight
  2. Links
  3. General status updates hold the lowest weight
  4. Comments have more weight than likes

All of these Facebook ranking guidelines can help your social media strategy by increasing your visability when utilized. Facebook knows what users really want to see from businesses - and the more interactivity between a brand and a user, the better rank that page will have for that user.

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