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Fusionbox Designer Gives Web Design Talk at Ignite Denver

Posted by fusionbox on Feb. 25, 2014, 5 p.m.

Let us start with conversaion we hear a little too often here at the Fusionbox office:

Fusionbox Web Designer: So, why don't you tell me what you had in mind for the look of your new site? Do you have any websites you really like?
Client XYZ: Well, we want it to be simple, clean, and modern looking. We really like Apple's website. Do you think you could make our site look like that?
Fusionbox Web Designer: (Internal Eye Roll) 
So why the internal eye roll? What is so wrong about Apple's website? NOTHING, if you're Apple. One of Fusionbox's web designers recently gave a talk at Ignite Denver on why new websites should not use apple.com as their design inspiration. Check out the video below:

Justin Stollsteimer: Want Your Website to Look Like apple.com? No You Don't


The main point of his talk is that apple.com is a great website for a company that already has the brand integrity that Apple has. For companies without that kind of base, there are some major flaws with copying Apple's model directly, namely that their homepage doesn't have much content or a strong call to action, and that the branding section of the website is very small.
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