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Fusionbox is Going to PyCon 2013!

Posted by fusionbox on March 10, 2013, 6 p.m.

Pycon 2013 Logo

Denver web development agency, Fusionbox, is going to PyCon 2013 in Santa Clara, CA where we are a Gold Level Sponsor! The programmers are all excited to attend as it will give them a chance to share their knowledge and learn from other Python programmers in the community. Here are some of the technologies we're particularly interested in:

Socket.io and gevent -- Generally the language we use (Python) is running on servers in what we call 'single-threaded' mode. There are several processes running which can only handle a single request for a web page at once because those processes don't create multiple threads to do concurrent processing. Gevent allow requests to be served in an asynchronous mode so that a single process can handle many simultaneous requests. This can improve the performance on the servers we use in a significant way. Also, socket.io allows data to be continuously streamed between a browser and a server, allowing for things like what google docs does with its collaborative editing. I'm really interested in these kinds of technologies and techniques as I think that's where the field of web applications is headed.

Pyramid talks -- There are a number of talks being given on the pyramid web framework. Pyramid is built on top of the same language as the framework that we use (django). I'm interested in hearing about these other framework because I think it would be good for me to broaden my horizons in the world of python web programming.

Numba -- Numba is a technology that allows for python (the language we use) to be "compiled". Python falls into the category of computer languages known as "dynamic scripting languages" or DSLs. This means that it is normally executed by an interpreter that reads and carries out its instructions on the fly. From my understanding, numba allows certain parts of a python program's code to be compiled to machine code. This allows the code to be passed directly to a computer's processor, bypassing the need for an interpreter. Compiled programs are generally much faster than interpreted ones.

Fusionbox will have a job booth at the conference. So, if you're at PyCon and want to come talk code with us, be sure to stop by!