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Fusionbox Process

Posted by fusionbox on Oct. 11, 2009, 6 p.m.

Seth Godin's blog today talked about Algorithms. When Algorithms or formulas drive business, success is not always forthcoming. Ideas, methods, and products that warp, evolve, and expand win.

At Fusionbox, a Denver web design and agile software development agency, our process has always been to define, design, measure and refine. Then, we complete the entire process over again. This means we embrace change, but only change when the data backs it up.

So, if we launched a search engine marketing campaign, based on what we thought was a good strategy, we would then look at Analytics to see if the numbers backed up our thinking. If the numbers don't show success, we move in a different direction. If the numbers show success, we focus more resources on that strategy with slight variations to test success.