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Google TV Ads is like AdWords for Media Buying

Posted by ivy on June 6, 2011, 6 p.m.

At the beginning of this year, Fusionbox ran a very successful campaign using the Google TV Ads platform for one our our clients.  The month-long TV campaign resulted in an increase of 30% in search volume for the clients' brand.

What makes Google TV Ads really exciting is that it allows for TV advertising that is affordable, trackable, and easy-to-manage for even smaller advertisers.

Google TV Ads allow you to get really specific in terms of how your campaign is set up, including:

  • Dayparts
  • Markets
  • Shows
  • CPM
  • Demographics
  • Interest

Then, you can tie your TV campaign activity directly into your analytics so you can track exactly how your TV spend is affecting your traffic.  You can even set triggers in your campaign that set your spend higher if search engine volume increases for certain keywords.  The platform also allows you to easily test different versions of creative just by uploading different versions of an ad.

For more information on how our Denver Internet Marketing department can help cut costs on your ad spend and make it truly measurable, contact Ivy Hastings at Fusionbox.