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How Can the Jelly App Help Your Business and Brand?

Posted by drew on Jan. 19, 2014, 5 p.m.

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Founded by Ben Finkel and Twitter cofounder Biz Stone, the new social networking app, Jelly, is already earning itself a lot of press. Jelly is essentially a question-and-answer app for iPhone and Android. Users take a picture and upload it to the app along with a question referring to the picture (“What is this?” is a common question). Jelly then uses your Facebook and Twitter extended networks to try to find someone with an answer. The results are often pretty quick.

The Jelly app is generally a platform for simple questions and generally provides amatuer answers; unless your extended network is filled with a variety of experts, you will most likely get novices. However, the home improvement giant Lowe’s is already making a name for itself on this new app. Within the first week of the app launch, a user uploaded a picture of a brick wall, asking “How do I mount art on my exposed brick wall?” Lowe’s was quick to reply with a list of necessary hardware and some steps to get the job done.

In that moment, the Lowe’s brand established more brand integrity with a consumer, potentially (and probably) leading to a sale later on. This is precisely how your brand can benefit from using Jelly. Companies that deal in services can give free advice via the Jelly app, while businesses that sell products can suggest their products as solutions to a particular problem (as has happened in this Lowe’s case).

Given that the app currently doesn’t support searching for questions or users, a brand’s success in finding and answering questions really depends on the already-established social networks. The Jelly app will not be much use to you if you do not have a strong Twitter or Facebook presence. Hopefully, Jelly will develop a search function soon, so brands can more easily find and help potential customers. Until then, there is just more incentive to boost your social media marketing efforts.

While the Jelly app has a small community now, I foresee a lot of potential here for quick product reviews and customer engagement. This potential will only grow as Jelly continues to develop new features.

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