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Include SEO in the Marketing Mix

Posted by ivy on Oct. 22, 2009, 6 p.m.

There are customers who are still spending money during this recession — and there are still plenty of customers who need your products and services. Marketers need an integrated strategy including both "push" and "pull" tactics. The latter includes making sure you're in the right place when your target goes looking for something. In other words, you want to be at the top of organic search engine results for your target keywords.

I was recently a guest speaker at a Business Marketing Association meeting, and I asked the audience, "Who's using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn as a marketing tool? There were lots of raised hands. I asked, "Who's doing search engine optimization?" and one person raised a hand.

Search engine optimization can bring in good, qualified leads — they're looking for you. If those customers get to your site and you're doing a good job of speaking their language and making their experience great, they'll convert.  SEO is an integral part of the marketing mix.