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Interview: Antoine Catton, New Fusionbox Programmer

Posted by paula on April 21, 2013, 6 p.m.

Antoine Antoine Catton is from France and is Fusionbox’s newest addition to tthe Denver web development. Having joined the team on March 25th,  Antoine has already proven to be a great asset to our company, launching new features and becoming quickly familiar with our internal tools.

It’s his first time in the United States. He’s here as part of an internship program with his school Troyes University of Technology and is expected to graduate with an Engineering diploma, which is equivalent to a Master of Science degree in the United States, this August. He is with us for just a year, but we hope to steal him for longer!

Here are his responses to an interview I had with him:

PL: Tell me a little bit about your...keyboard.
It’s a rare keyboard. You have to pre-order it. You can put different skins on the keyboard. http://typematrix.com/ is the company. The uniqueness is that the keys are aligned parallel to each other. I use the French BÉPO. (Most Americans use “QWERTY”).

(Image:  Antoine's French  BÉPO , Typematrix keyboard)
PL: What school do you attend? How will Fusionbox be helping you out?
Troyes University of Technology. It’s an engineering school. Engineering has a different meaning than the American meaning. It’s more about management. I’m training to become a technical manager. I wanted to do an internship in the US and from my research, Fusionbox seemed like the right company that will suit that. I don’t like managment just by itself, I like incorporating technicalities as well. Here at Fusionbox, I can learn how to manage by viewing the project managers and I am able to continue learning in the technical realm.

PL: Why Fusionbox?
When I researched Fusionbox, the team video I saw on the site made me feel that Fusionbox was an open-minded company. I also didn’t want to apply to big cities like New York or Chicago, because I wanted to go to a medium size city like Denver. I also like that Fusionbox offers free organic fruit that gets delivered to the office.

PL: How long did the process take?
I had my Skype interview with the Fusionbox programmers last fall. I was nervous because I didn’t know if I did well. But the next day, Alexander contacted me and said, “Ok, you have the job offer.” I didn’t start preparing until about 3 months prior to my date of departure. A funny thing I encountered, was that when I got to the American Embassy, the people over the counter, behind the glass, randomly asked people to wash their hands with the hand sanitizer dispenser that hung near the window of the counter.

PL: At what age did you start programming?
Around 16. I self taught myself until college started when I was 18. I like the automation.

PL: What are you most interested in about programming?
Python. I like server side stuff. Not a big javascript person. I like C & C++. I also like distributing programming & computing. I like resilience.

PL: Do you have a project you’ve worked on throughout your programming experience that you’re most interested in talking about?
When I worked at The Reims Hospital, they had an old intranet. It was a challenge and the system was getting slower and slower. They didn't want to update anything and just wanted to make it faster. So I just did some caching. It reduced the amount of time it took by 10%.

PL: Who is your hero or who do you look up to?
Batman, because he doesn’t kill anybody directly. Also, Christopher Nolan is the best director ever.

PL: What’s your favorite site?
http://linuxfr.org/. It’s a French open source community.

PL: What do you like to do for fun? What are your hobbies?
I like to watch American TV shows. I'm waiting for Breaking Bad right now to come out with new episodes.

PL: Name your favorite food you’ve had here in America that doesn’t exist in France:
Coconut M&M's. The ingredients are bad for you, but they are crazy good. Americans know how to make the best candies.

PL: What are you most interested about doing while in the USA?
 Trying out a batting cage.

PL: Name a funny thing that Americans do or say.
"Have a good one!" ... what is meant by “one”?