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Is Facebook Marketing Useful to B2B Companies?

Posted by drew on Oct. 19, 2014, 6 p.m.


Facebook is a social media behemoth, and marketers are trying to take advantage of that as much as possible. But some marketers are questioning whether it is a good use of their time and resources. Admittedly, Facebook is better suited to certain companies, such as companies that target consumers directly, rather than other businesses. But can Facebook marketing still be useful for B2B companies?

Facebook boasts the largest user base of all social media, so if content marketing is your primary goal, you would do well to consider Facebook a primary part of your strategy. However, it is no secret that Facebook has been decreasing the organic reach for posts, so you’ll need to pay to promote your posts in order to get the most content marketing effect.

Paying for this exposure may not be a large concern for some companies, but it can be difficult to manage for smaller companies, where ROI is tracked more closely.

Marketers tout Facebook as the place to humanize your brand, and this is entirely true. Posting images of your employees is a great way to make your company seem more relatable. Once again, however, this may be an activity only companies with larger budgets can afford. Smaller companies may need to focus on lead generation over brand humanization.

Can Facebook be used for B2B lead generation? The answer is yes, it can definitely be done. Here is a case study about it. The real question, though, is whether you have the resources available to make that happen, or if you should be using those resources elsewhere (for example, email marketing).

My personal advice to most B2B marketers would be to divert those resources to something more lucrative (LinkedIn marketing and email marketing have been shown to provide good ROI). Until those other avenues start to provide diminishing returns, you might be better off spending your time and money there.

If and when you decide to invest in Facebook marketing for your B2B business, keep in mind some of these tips:

1.Research your audience

    Similar to conducting keyword research for SEO, you should research potential audiences for your social media efforts. Where are they spending their time on social media? What topics interest them? When are they online?

2.You get what you pay for

    Once again, you probably aren’t going to get the most out of your Facebook marketing if you rely on the organic reach of your posts. Look into the paid options (that’s a topic for another post) to promote your page and individual posts.

3.Don’t be stodgy

    Even though you’re a B2B marketer, that doesn’t mean you can’t show a little personality in your messaging. Most people are on Facebook to connect with their friends and family, so embrace the casual atmosphere, and inject some humor into your marketing.

4.Test, test, test

    Like with all digital marketing efforts, you should be testing and tracking various methods to determine which is best for your individual needs.


Long story short, Facebook marketing can be very useful for branding and even for B2B lead generation, assuming you have the necessary resources to dedicate to those tasks. However, most companies do not have the extra resources, so their time is better spent on activities with a higher ROI, such as email marketing.

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