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Is Your Website Linking Out Too Much?

Posted by fusionbox on Feb. 14, 2011, 5 p.m.

Hyperlinks are the currency of the web. Is more “currency” flowing out of your site than flowing in?

Let's paint a picture:

Your website is a bank account. Links are money.

Important links (from authoritative sites) are big bucks and less important links are smaller bucks – but they add up, fast.

Sites that link to you mean money in your bank account, links you give are the money you spend.

With no outbound links you're MUCH less likely to get inbound links. With no money going out, you're much less likely to get gas in your car's tank. The car that gets you to work. The work that gets you paychecks.

Too many links to other websites diminish your overall authority, dropping your SEO rankings. Too many bucks flowing out of your bank account diminish...your bank account.

And there are no credit cards in the linking world of the web.

Please make sure that you are as aware of the links you are giving on your website as you are aware (and are actively clamoring for) of the links you are getting to your website.

Should you give outbound links? Absolutely. It's unnatural if you don't. Just use them wisely, and in moderation. Think of them as “bucks” and spend your money where you would in life – everywhere it's necessary, and some where it's fun (for you and your users).

Get more “bucks” flowing into your website than out of it. Become a web millionaire!

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