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Managing a Tiered Lead Generation Strategy

Posted by ivy on Oct. 4, 2012, 6 p.m.

Ever fill out an online form to get more information and get flooded with calls from an over-eager sales person?  I'll bet that made you less likely to buy from that company.  Many sites treat visitors as if they are always at the ready-to-buy stage, but research says that a full 80% or more of visitors to your site are researching their options.  (This is especially the case in a b2b situation.)

So, what does that mean to your lead generation strategy?  Are you scaring away potential leads by being too aggressive?

When I work with our clients who want lead generation on their sites, part of our work is understanding the sales cycle.  How long is it?  How involved is it?  How complicated is the product or service?  Who is doing the buying?  Who has the authority to make the final decision?  What are their pain points?  Why are they looking for a new solution?

A critical part of this discovery is talking to our clients' sales people.  They are the ones that are deeply intimate with customer pain points and customer objections and have prepared language to address both.  They know what type of information works at what point in the sales process.

Based on input from sales, we create a lead generation strategy that looks at where the user is in the sales cycle based on what information they are looking at on your site.  If they are just accessing a demo, we might just prompt them to engage on social media to keep the brand top-of-mind. But, if they have an immediate need, we want to make it as easy as possible for that buyer to find the information they need and to get in touch quickly.

There are a number of ways to engage a lead, whether with email, social media, articles and white papers, and lead generation forms.  The tricky part is serving up the right kind of lead generation technique during the right stage of the sales cycle.

For help creating your lead generation strategy and how to integrate it into your website, contact Fusionbox.