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Mi Casa's Digital Connectors Class Visits Fusionbox

Posted by paula on May 13, 2013, 6 p.m.

Rachele Vierthaler is the Career & Technology Education Coordinator for Mi Casa Resource Center. Her class will be finishing their CISCO curriculum soon and they feel that the perfect opportunity to celebrate the completion of their module is to see Fusionbox’s approach to business and website development. Their class is focused on taking apart computers and learning about each part. Rachele describes that “The class focuses on different types of technology such as video making, mobile technology, and lastly, learning about specific computer parts and their functions”.

13 students of the program visited Fusionbox yesterday. We talked to the students about what we do and talked a little bit about how MiCasaResourceCenter.org was built. We learned about each other’s interests and discussed them from a technical perspective.

Fusionboxers and MiCasa technology students engaged in conversation.

One of our web programmers recommended looking into purchasing raspberry pi’s & arduinos as a start for people who want to get into programming.

We talked about a multitude of free online resources that one can use to self-teach. Some of these resources include:

We also discussed the importance of being careful about what to post on your social media sites. Employers seek extra information about applicants by searching them online. What you post can influence whether or not you get a job down the road. Google yourself -- you might be surprised with what you find.

We enjoy our partnership with Mi Casa because of what they stand for. We enjoy knowing that we are helping out an organization that gives back. Fusionbox is considering teaching a series of classes to teach young students pertaining to the tech industry.

Fusioboxers and Mi Casa technology students

(Caption: A group photo of the students and some of our boxers)

Help us out and take this poll:

Pertaining to the web industry, what are you most interested in learning about?:

[a.] Building a website (HTML, CSS)
[b.] Building a game
[c.] Learning Python
[d.] Working with a Raspberry Pi
[e.] Other (Please specify)